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Who We Are

The FACLT is a Community Land Trust (CLT); a non-profit created to provide attainable homes for the benefit of our existing community. A CLT provides ownership access for people who are priced out of our current housing market. Learn more about the need for housing in Benzie County here.

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How does a CLT work?

When an individual, or family, purchases a CLT home, that home sits on land owned by the Frankfort Area Community Land Trust. This means that you own your home, but the FACLT owns the land.

  • This makes the purchase price of your home more affordable because you are buying only the house, not the land. 

  • As the homeowner, you lease the land from the Community Land Trust in a long-term (89-year), renewable lease.

  • When you sell the home, you agree to sell at a restricted price to keep the home affordable.

Click below for more information on how to become one of our homeowners 

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